5-Point Rule for Skype Discussion

Please read the following before joining the session

1 – Respect other members

If you already know the materials, please calmly listen to others as this will serve you as a revision.

Do not discourage, talk down or degrade your fellow members.

2 – No need to introduce

We all come from different backgrounds, but we have one thing in common….Pass CFA!

So when you join the session, join quietly and wait others to finish.

3 – Do not interrupt

Stick to the topic. Share your idea of how you learned and help your fellow members to understand the concept.

If you need any material or resources, please message in the chat. But don’t ask during the discussion.

Any question other than topic discussed can be asked in the group chat.

4 – Everyone must participate

We will go over each LOS and ensure that ALL members have understood entirely.

If you need to go over any examples or questions, you should have it prepared prior to the session to share screen.

5 – Make learning fun

Don’t be too serious, if you have creative way to learn, please share.

Yes, you can use finance related memes as long it helped you understand the topic.

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